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TMR Customs 15 Bolt Conversion - Ring Gear Machining Required

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Part Number: TMR-1064

TMR Customs 15 Bolt Conversion

You've demanded it and here it is! Our 14 Bolt Shave Kit, also known as the TMR Customs 15 Bolt Conversion! We've spent 12 months testing this kit in the worst conditions and we haven't been able to hurt it.

We listened to you the customer when building this kit, and since so many of you already have an aftermarket cover all you wanted was the bottom shave plates. The advantage of our shave kit is that it can be used with ANY aftermarket fabricated diff cover.

We start with thicker plates than our competitors and leave more material where it matters - directly under the ring gear. The extra material we leave eliminates fear of warping the Cap Plate when welding, and it gives you the confidence to relentlessly beat on your diff without fear of breakage!

Ring gear machining is required - the reason we do it this way is simple - if you are going to all the effort of shaving your diff you might as well do it once and do it right. Our TMR Customs 15 Bolt Conversion takes your 14 Bolt to near Dana 44 clearance!

Kit includes the following:

Detailed Instruction Manual

All required Stainless Steel Cap Screw Fasteners

1 x Differential Cap Plate

1 x Differential Cover Cap Plate

1 x TMR 15 BOLT Conversion Logo


Shaved 14 bolt gears. These are FF 10.5 gears  shaved to 10.05 to fit most* 14 Bolt Shave Kits on the Market. Please call to check stock, please allow 5-7 business days for out of stock gears.

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