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TMR Customs 1350 2 Piece Driveshaft Carrier Bearing

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Your Price: $599.95
Part Number: TMR-2107
Building a 2 piece driveshaft? Look no further! Our carrier bearing is ideal for 2 piece/midship/midshaft configurations. Your 2 piece driveshaft requires the ability to compress and extend in both shafts - if one of your shafts is fixed you risk damaging your transfer case! Build it right the first time using TMR Customs 2 piece driveshaft carrier bearing and our driveshaft parts/builder kits to finish it off!

Includes the following:
300M 32 spline shaft
Heavy wall DOM housing
Timken tapered roller bearings & races
Dana Spicer yokes
Shim kit
Fully serviceable and rebuildable!
Housing measures 3-1/2" diameter, Overall length (outside of yoke to outside of yoke) measures 8-7/8"

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