Solid Axle Industries Pair of Forged 6 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern Hubs for D44

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Your Price: $375.00
Part Number: SA-44-06
Price is per Pair

• Wheel hubs designed for strength and durability. 
• Hubs are CNC machined from a forging. 
• Not a cast piece like all other competitors. 
• Utilizes standard components (studs, bearings, seals) readily available at local parts stores. 
• Accepts internal style lockout hubs as well as drive flanges from most manufacturers including Solid Axle Industries' drive flange kits. 
• These are manufactured by Solid Axle Industries and are not weak remanufactured OEM Hubs. 
• Increased hub diameter for strength.

• Fits big bearing Chevy / Dodge / Jeep spindles. 
• Replaces cast units

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