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Reid Racing CHEVY Stock Replacement Non-Powdercoated 10-Bolt Knuckle

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Part Number: RR-C10002R

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Identical to our regular Chevy Dana 44 & 10-BOLT passenger-side knuckles, but without orange powdercoating
Ideal for crossover steering applications where the OEM non-powdercoated driver's-side knuckle is retained
Only available for the passenger side
Chevy/Jeep spindle bolt pattern accepts "outers" from all open knuckle Chevy half-ton and 3/4-ton front ends
Cast from high strength ductile iron
Machined with a "bottom up" taper to match OEM Chevy 10-Bolt tie rod location
Beefed up with extra material and ribbing
Flat tops machined and drilled for high steer arms
4th bolt hole for high steer arms increases clamping force and sheer strength 
3/8" thickness added to flat top of the knuckle for high steer tie rod to leaf spring clearance
Cast-in DUAL steering stops eliminate bent stop bolts that can cause u-joint and axle failures
Tapered tie rod holes accept factory tie rod ends
Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" heim ends
Interchangeable with all factory and aftermarket Dana 44 and 10-Bolt components
Fully machined and ready for installation
Machined to clear CTM u-joints without removing the grease fittings

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