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Poly Performance Nitrogen Kit w/ 20 CF Bottle

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The Poly Performance, Inc. Nitrogen Kit is a great way to tune your shocks in the shop or at the track, all in one small kit. The portable N2 nitrogen kit comes with the essential tools to accurately adjust and recharge rebuildable shocks, air shocks and hydraulic bumpstops.

For easy and compact travel, the heavy duty storage case with molded foam compartments holds a new 20CF nitrogen bottle (available in steel or aluminum), a 450psi regulator for those high-pressure recharges, and a high pressure hydraulic hose. Unlike standard air chucks which can lose 20-40 pounds of pressure, this hose will attach to the N2 fill adapter to accurately adjust shock pressure within 1lb. Also included is a small parts container that is great for keeping track of extra valve cores, and a 0 to 35cc syringe, to precisely add or subtract the oil level in air shocks and bumpstops.

For use with regular N2 charged shocks and air shocks
Includes fill adapter, regulator, hose, bottle, syringe & carrying case
Fill adapter is accurate to 1 psi
Heavy duty carrying case for safe transportation
Available with steel or aluminum bottle
Allows for shock tuning while on the trail or at home

Note: Tanks may not be usable outside of the US. Please verify with your local gas supply first before purchasing. We are not liable if your gas supply will not fill the tanks!

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