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PSC Motorsports 2012-2013 Jeep JK Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit

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Have you installed 35" or larger tires and after market axles on your JK and are now suffering from steering woes? Well if so, PSC now offers complete cylinder assist steering kits for '07 and newer JK series Jeeps. Kits consist of all new steering components pictured, including a 100% new steering gear and pump. All steering cylinder mount brackets weld on to your new axles and tie rod.  The High volume pump kit mounts in the factory position and includes an external reservoir.  Different axles have different steering geometry, so you may need to measure   the amount of axle steering throw.

The steering gearbox in this particular kit retains the stock OEM valving. This valving allows the handling to remain as close to the way the vehicle was engineered to be as possible. You will have decent road feel on the highway and no over steer. The steering input effort will remain un-altered from stock at all speeds. The steering assist will increase the actually turning force of the steering components without changing the effort of what the driver physically has put forth. This kit is highly recommended for the customer that drives their vehicle daily on public roads.
If you should choose to use a reduced effort steering gear / cylinder assist kit, the drivability at highway speeds can be adversely affected. Also a note of caution, if you vehicle has poor handling characteristics before installing light valved cylinder assist system, the handling will be even more 
adversely effected. For that reason light valved steering kits are recommended for vehicles that are built for the offroad and rarely driven on public roads. Cylinder assist systems will not correct poor on road steering characteristics.

Use Swepco 715 Power Steering Fluid in all PSC Systems
SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid

Kit Includes:
SG675R Jeep JK Cylinder Assist Steering Gear w/ EXCLUSIVE PSC RAM TOWER
SC2222 1.75" Bore x 6.75" Stroke x .625" Rod SE Steering Cylinder
MB35KB JK Cylinder Mount Bracket Kit
HK2035 Gear Box to Cylinder Complete Hose Kit
PK1858 2012-2013 Jeep JK High Volume Steering Pump Kit


Cylinder assist steering systems are designed for use on off-road vehicles to increase steering force to the steering axle. They are not designed to resolve poor on-road handling characteristics of an off-road vehicle. We do not recommend a cylinder assist modified system for vehicles that are driven as everyday transportation on public streets and highways. Cylinder assist systems have an adverse affect on how the steering responds and will not produce the same steering characteristics as a production steering system. If your vehicle currently has a problem with drive ability on the highway, then adding a cylinder assist will probably create a bigger problem. A cylinder assist system can be tuned to drive well on the highway, but everything has to be perfect. This can include suspension modifications, axle modifications and more. If your vehicle has had the suspension modified and larger than stock tires have been added, you probably have already adversely affected the handling and steering of your vehicle. So, if this is what you are currently experiencing you might give the tech line at PSC Mfg. a call and let one of our professionals with many years of experience discuss your vehicle and your concerns before you modify your steering system.

Common JK and TJ steering problems and probable causes.
Loose steering or vehicle seems to track bad going down the highway.
• Caster – Caster is the most critical alignment issue to deal with in a straight axle vehicle that has been lifted and has oversized tires installed. To better explain caster, it is the using the weight of the vehicle to make the vehicle track straight. The definition of caster is the degree of angle that the axle spindles are rolled back, or the intersecting line through the center of the upper ball joint and lower ball joint. With the axle rolled back and then as you steer from center either direction, the center line of the axle raises. You are actually lifting the weight of the vehicle. This effect is why a vehicle tracks straight and returns to center after turning a corner, has nothing to do with the steering gear. If there is enough caster in a front axle and the toe is correct a vehicle will travel straight down a flat plain without a steering gear being on a vehicle. The steering gear only corrects the steering angle, it does not control the return to center, keep the front end from shaking, vehicle from darting across the road. Your axle alignment is what dictates these attributes of a steering axle. And 90% of the time these issues mentioned usually relate to the caster in the vehicle.
Note also that the larger the tire, the more caster required to offset the inertia effect of those tires at highway speeds. We have found that on vehicles such as Jeep TJ’s and JK’s with 37” or taller tires that it is common have to go to at least 8° of caster to make the vehicle track straight.

• Roll Center / Panhard Bars – Another big issue with Jeep vehicles is their use of panhard bars to locate axles and the effect lifting the vehicle has on body roll. As the suspension cycles it changes to location of the axle from right to left. As the suspension moves through its cycle it is also steering the vehicle. This situation is intensified in vehicles that have panhard bars in the rear such as all 97’ and newer jeeps. The more wheel travel and height in the suspension, the greater this problem will be. If your vehicle has severe body roll, soft suspension, poor panhard bar angle, etc., you might have to address these issues before you do any steering modifications.

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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