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Iron Rock Offroad XJ ROCK-LINK Front And Rear Long Arm Upgrade

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The paramount suspension upgrade for your XJ is a long arm system. Iron Rock Off Road's ROCK-LINK 3 link front long arm and rear 4 link coil spring conversion kit offers unrivaled performance, giving your Jeep both the capability and ride quality improvements that you have been looking for. This ROCK-LINK long arm upgrade is built for strength, clearance, adjustability, flexibility, and ease of install.

Are you tired of leaf springs? Our exclusive rear bolt on long arm design is now available with 4-Link Rear long arms for your XJ as an upgrade to your existing lift kit. In addition to the new long arms, you'll get 2 new subframes a rear axle truss and axle brackets which will be used to eliminate the leaf springs. This is a fully adjustable double triangulated kit that will correct your rear suspension geometry. Just like our popular front Critical Path long arms, you'll have the ability to install the subframes with NO welding, cutting or grinding at all! You'll only drill holes for the BOLT ON subframe that is brake formed from 1/4" and 3/8" steel plate. The only welding required for this is to the rear axle! 

This upgrade will allow as much articulation as your rear shocks will allow! We use a high quality greasable, pivoting flex joint on the axle side for great flexibility and factory style rubber bushings on the chassis end to absorb road "noise." Oh yes, you will need coil spring retainers for the rear now too! They are also included in the kit.

STRENGTH: Our subframe is constructed with 1/4" steel and our lower arms are even thicker at 2"x5/16" wall D.O.M. tubing.

CLEARANCE: We tuck our subframe up as tight as possible to gain you the critical extra clearance to keep your Jeep low and your belly high! The lower arm connections at the chassis are as high as possible with still being able to install a bolt through them. The control arms have an inboard bend to clear your tires, so you can steer lock to lock without rubbing on them
ADJUSTABILITY: All the arms have tons of adjustment built in for your stock situation to your stretched crawler.
FLEXIBILITY:Yes, of course we are talking about articulation, and the ROCK-LINK delivers plenty! But we are also talking about flexibility to install other axle combinations with ease. Use this kit with your stock Dana 30 for now, and then bolt in a Dana 44 or Dana 60 down the road!
EASE OF INSTALL: No welding, no cutting, no complicated setup or templates. All you need is a drill, a floor jack, some jack stands and some hand tools. This is a BOLT-IN kit, although if your preferred method of installation is welding, you can do that! (NOTE: most installers opt to cut off the factory lower control arm mounts on the chassis, but it's not required)

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing coil springs and exhaust modification will be required to run this upgrade. Additionally, your XJ must have 4" or taller suspension lift.


2", 5/16" thick wall D.O.M. lower control arm material
1/4" thick, 3 piece, subframe assembly
Huge tire clearance with inboard control arm bends
Best ground clearance available with super high clearance long arm subframe mounts
Makes axle swaps much simpler!
Maintains caster through the suspension cycle
Easy to install without welding, only simple drilling is required!!! Seriously, you can install this in your driveway in a few hours!
Kit Includes:

Complete long arm package
Front /Rear Subframe Mounting System
Rear axle truss and brackets
Coil spring retainers
All necessary hardware
Detailed Front Installation Instructions   
Detailed Rear Installation Instructions 

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