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Iron Rock Offroad XJ 3" Premium Short Arm Lift Kit

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Part Number: IRO-10796

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Durability and comfort were the design elements we based this kit upon. Whether you are cruising the interstate at 75mph or driving on the boulders of your favorite trail, this kit delivers performance. On the street, you may forget the fact that you are driving a lifted XJ! Off road you'll appreciate the ground clearance gains and the ability to run a larger tire size. 

Increased ground clearance
Run 31" tires
Rubber bushings for great ride quality and flex
Hydro shock absorbers
Adjustable upper and lower control arms for easy castor adjustment.
Kit Includes:
New front coil springs
New add a leaf
Adjustable Double Shear Track Bar
Heavy duty track bar drop bracket
Hydro shock absorbers
Heavy duty adjustable lower control arms
Heavy duty adjustable upper control arms
Boomerang shackles
Extended front sway bar links
Transfer case drop kit
All necessary hardware
Installation instructions

If a full leaf pack is purchased a HD adjustable shackle will replace the boomerang shackle in the kit photo. - See more at: http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/10796.html#sthash.fog560ob.dpuf

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