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Iron Rock Offroad JK 3.5" Benchmark Series Lift Kit

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Part Number: IRO-13501

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How many times have you needed another inch or two of ground clearance or tire clearance to make it over an obstacle that your buddies are rolling right over? Clearance is a huge part of getting to where you want to go. It makes sense right? Tires pushing on any surface will take you farther than when you are scraping your underbelly and trying to drag your Jeep to the end of the trail.

This Benchmark Series 3.5" lift kit gives you the clearance that your Jeep is lacking so you can out maneuver your buddies who have differential lockers. Even without lockers, this new suspension under your rig will take you to thrilling new levels of crawling capability. Being able to fit larger tires is a huge benefit of adding this suspension! Larger tires give you the advantage over obstacles that towered over your stock size tires. They also work with the suspension in improving your overall ground clearance and your break-over angle. No more high-centering! 

You have all the adjustment you need built into this kit. The track bar and the Heavy Duty front control arms are all fully adjustable to work with your specific set up. This is perfect for anyone who doesn't know the future of their project vehicle and needs to have to ability to make changes. Maybe you want to build custom axles for your rig with mounts that are not exactly where the factory put them. You will have the ability to dial your suspension in to match up!! Or maybe you just decide to go taller in the future...you can compensate by making some minor adjustments. You don't have to buy all new parts!

Go, proceed with confidence where doubt held you back in the past. Every part in this kit is designed to withstand a beating, so you can hit the trails hard, but still drive it home without worry. This next step in outfitting your rig can be your last! 

Great ground clearance gain over stock
Off road performance increase
Heavy duty parts built to last
Ability to run 35-37" tires!!! (35's with no trimming, 37's with little to no trimming, 
Fast installation
Easy to upgrade later if you choose to!

3.5" front and rear coil springs
3.5" front and rear shock absorbers
Heavy duty adjustable front lower control arms
Heavy duty adjustable front track bar
Stainless steel braided brake hoses (rear)
Rear track bar roll center correction bracket
Extended length sway bar links (front)
Brake line relocation brackets (front)
Rear bumpstop extensions
Rear coil retainer kit
All necessary hardware

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