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Iron Rock Offroad JK 2.5" Benchmark Series Lift Kit

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Part Number: IRO-13009

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Do you want to run 35" tires? Our Benchmark Series kit is a wise economical choice that still offers quality, value, and performance. The Benchmark Series is your ticket to step up from entry level in suspension upgrades. In addition to being a complete kit in and of itself, it also sets the building blocks in place for future upgrades without using unnecessary parts that you'll end up discarding later. The Benchmark Series Kit uses all the same high quality components you'll find in the higher stages of suspension upgrades, so you'll never have to buy the same parts twice! 

Great ground clearance gain over stock
Off road performance increase
Ability to run 35" tires!!!
Fast installation
Easy to upgrade later if you choose to! We will only sell you what you want to buy, meaning, you can start with a kit that has all the necessary parts to achieve 2.5" of lift. Each kit is then fully customizable and upgradable for those of you looking for greater off-road performance. Don't let the price fool you! This kit is designed to WORK, both on and off road. 

2.5" front and rear coil springs
2.5" front and rear shock absorbers
Brake line relocation brackets
Front adjustable track bar
All necessary hardware
Detailed Installation Instructions

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