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FOX 3.0 Factory Race Series Coilover, Internal Bypass Remote, 7/8" Shaft

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Factory Series coil-over shocks are the foundation of a race-winning suspension. They epitomize efficiency by combining our race-proven damping technology with a means to suspend the vehicle in one easy-to-mount assembly.

Regardless of whether you are flying high over the desert or struggling to stick to a rock face on an off-camber climb, our coil-overs will give you the damping performance, suspension control and proper spring rate to get the job done. They come in several rock-solid configurations that will fit your application perfectly.


Body Smooth bore and honed seamless steel
Body Plating Zinc plated for a long-lasting finish
Components Black anodized, CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
Piston 7075 hard-anodized high-flow aluminum piston
Valving Tunable, velocity sensitive deburred valve shims
Hose Reusable ORB O-ring port hose fittings for superior seal with remote reservoirs
Seals High-temp Viton® redundant sealing pack system with main seal, wiper seal and scraper seal
Oil JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid for improved performance at variable temperatures
Shafts 7/8" 17-4 H900 hard chrome plated stainless steel, hard chrome plated
Bearing Spherical, PFTE-lined, heat-treated alloy steel
RRB (Rotating Reservoir Bridge)
Spring preload ring
Dual stage crossover ring
Compression valving
Rebound valving
Optional DSC Adjuster


Multiple eyelet mounting lengths
-12 Hiems, select travel lengths
Reservoir hose fittings and lengths
High or low flow piston
3.75" I.D.

1" - 10.0, 12.0, 14.0, 16.0

3.0 x 10.0 COIL-OVER REMOTE - 1" SHAFT29.519.53.0 x 12.0-12 x 18.01/2 x 1.5070/40980-02-601$1,289.95
3.0 x 12.0 COIL-OVER REMOTE - 1" SHAFT33.521.53.0 x 12.0-12 x 18.01/2 x 1.5070/40980-02-167$1,289.95
3.0 x 14.0 COIL-OVER REMOTE - 1" SHAFT38.524.53.0 x 14.0-12 x 18.01/2 x 1.5070/40980-02-168$1,289.95
3.0 x 16.0 COIL-OVER REMOTE - 1" SHAFT42.526.53.0 x 16.0-12 x 18.01/2 x 1.5070/40980-02-169$1,289.95
3.0 x 12.0 COIL-OVER INTERNAL BYPASS REMOTE DSC - 7/8" SHAFT33.521.52.5 x 10.0-10 x 18.01/2 x 1.503,2/50983-06-010$1,439.95
3.0 x 14.0 COIL-OVER INTERNAL BYPASS REMOTE DSC - 7/8" SHAFT38.524.52.5 x 14.0-10 x 18.01/2 x 1.503,2/50983-06-011$1,439.95
3.0 x 16.0 COIL-OVER INTERNAL BYPASS REMOTE DSC - 7/8" SHAFT42.526.52.5 x 14.0-10 x 18.01/2 x 1.503,2/50983-06-012$1,439.95

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