FOA 2.5 Bypass Shock

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Our long awaited bypass shocks are now available for special order! The 2 tube shocks will have 1 compression tube and 1 rebound tube for adjustment. The 3 tube shocks will get 2 compression tubes and 1 rebound tube for adjustment. All bypass shocks automatically come with remote reservoirs and replaceable heims top and bottom and use a 1/2" bolt for mounting. No question, these are the best ‘bang for the buck’ in bypass shocks ANYWHERE! We’ve spent the better part of a year in development with these 2.5" bypass shocks. To keep costs in control, we plan to offer all the largest shocks in 3 tube only, as that seems to be the most asked for style. Until we get to the point of knowing which sizes/styles we should stock on a regular basis, the bypass shocks will be a ‘build to order’ basis only.That means it will typically take 3-4 weeks to build them, though it may be longer in some cases. Please plan accordingly with your build, as we can not guaranty any ship times on the bypass shocks. If you need them within a specific time frame, you need to contact us to verify we can fill the order in time.

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