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***CLEARANCE ITEM*** EVO Baskets Jeep JK (4 Door) Door Sleeves - 2 Sets Available

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When Jeep released the JK and JKU they utilized a thin sheet metal sleeve as a liner between the door pins and door hinge.  Over time (sometimes rather quickly) the sleeves begin to corrode making door operation more challenging let alone door removal.  Additionally over time the upper flange that is designed to be a wear part busing to keep the door hinge from rubbing on the body hinge begins to wear away causing premature rusting. 

Evobaskets is solving this issue with their new door hinge sleeve kit!

The kit comes with all new door sleeves (four sleeves for the 2door and eight for the 4door) as well as the needed tool for removing the old factory sleeves.  The new sleeves are made from high quality delrin (plastic) and the tool is machined from steel with the necessary taper for old sleeve removal.

Customers ask all the time "how long will the install take" and it really varies based upon a lot of factors (amount of winter driving, north east vs out west, beach driving, etc), we have seen 2007 sleeves come out with ease and we have seen 2014 sleeves that looked like they spent 20 years at the bottom of the ocean.  

Attached we have pictures of a 2 door set taken from a garage kept 2013 JK, the upper lip is basically gone already!  

Like all Evobaskets products we manufacture 100% of our products right here in the good old USA!  

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