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Artec Industries D60 Knuckle Bolt Kit

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This Knuckle Bolt Kit is designed to work specifically with our Ultimate 60 High Steer Arms to both strengthen the entire knuckle and steering as well as provide options for mounting your steering. Whether you just need to re-enforce your knuckle or want to run your tie rod in double sheer, this kit is designed with to fit multiple different steering configurations. Refer to the diagram below for some of the possibilities.
The Knuckle Bolt Kit includes one 3/4" grade 8 bolt, one 3/4" all- steel mechanical locking nut*, and one 1.25" outer diameter, .250" wall sleeve . TWO KITS WILL NEED TO BE PURCHASED FOR A PAIR OF HIGH STEER ARMS. THIS KIT WILL REQUIRE CUTTING THE SLEEVE IN HALF TO RUN HEIM IN DOUBLE SHEER. FACTORY KNUCKLE HOLE WILL NEED TO BE DRILLED WITH 3/4" HOLE.**
Please choose the style knuckle you have:  OEM Ford, OEM Chevy/ All Aftermarket Knuckles, or OEM Dodge.
All AFTERMARKET KNUCKLES (REID, SOLID) are based on the Chevy casting whether they are a Chevy or Ford Spindle pattern, so if you have an aftermarket knuckle, CHOOSE THE CHEVY OPTION.
NOTE: Factory tie rod end holes on the knuckle will need to be drilled to a 3/4" hole for this kit to work. THIS WILL REQUIRE USE OF BASIC DRILLING TOOLS.**
3/4" - 16 tpi 10" long Grade 8 bolt
3/4" - 16 tpi All-steel Mechanical Lock nut*
Machined 1.25" OD - .250" wall DOM sleeve
Increases overall knuckle and steering strength
Sleeve ends machined for 3/4" heim in DOUBLE SHEER**
Choose your tie rod mounting height
Some Possible Configurations
*All-steel mechanical locking nuts (aka distorted thread or Stover locknuts) are designed NOT to be reused to ensure the nut does not loosen over time. This provides the best type of locking nut for steering applications. Please use a new nut if you remove it at any point.
**This part may require basic steel cutting tools to use. Please use caution when cutting steel. Only experienced fabricators should attempt these modifications. Artec Industries, LLC is not liable for injury and/or death due to use or modification of this product.

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