Advance Adapters Rubi-Crawler Planetary Crawl Box

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Rubi-Crawler Planetary Crawl Boxes are built to order. They typically take 4-6 weeks to be built prior to shipping. Please call before ordering if you would like a more accurate lead time. 

This units fits all Jeeps 2003 to 2011 with the 42RLE automatic overdrive RubiCrawler assy

This reduction unit replaces the stock 42RLE tailhousing with a 6 gear planetary reduction box featuring a 2.72 low range. This is a true, bolt-in doubler that couples to the stock Jeep transfer case or an existing Atlas transfer case.

Features: The RubiCrawler increases your available gear ratios. This allows you to choose the appropriate gear, depending on the terrain in which you're wheeling. Proper gear choice will allow you more control of the vehicle. Ultimately, this contributes to a fun, and safe, offroading experience, even in extreme environments.


*TJ Wrangler - Stock Transfer Case
This is the option for customers installing the Rubicrawler in conjunction with the stock NP231 or NP241OR transfer cases that came with the vehicle from the factory. TJ shifter Rubicrawler TJ Rubicrawler TJ install Rubicrawler cable linkage

*JK Wrangler - With Heavy Duty Transfer Case Shift Kit
This is an option for customers installing the Rubicrawler in the Jeep JK Wrangler. The Shifter in this kit upgrades your transfer case shift cable along with the cable connections to heavy duty heim joint style connection. Rubi JK
42R800: Rubicrawler Electronic Interface
42R650: Anodized Billet Aluminum Knobs

*TJ Wrangler or JK Wrangler - Non Stock Transfer Case
This is the option for customers installing the Rubicrawler in conjunction with an aftermarket transfer case like the Atlas Transfer Case by Advance Adapters.

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