Advance Adapters Atlas Spacer/Rotation Ring, 3/4"

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Part Number: AA-AS-8603

The spacer adapter #AS-8603 is commonly used on Atlas conversions to alleviate fitment issues caused by variations in transmission output shaft lengths. Many transmissions have positive “stick outs” on their output shafts in relation to the edge of the rear tailhousing or adapter. This causes the output shaft to be too long; therefore, causing a bottoming out effect when installing an Atlas. For some applications, the output shaft can be trimmed back. There are however several applications where there are simply not enough splines on the main shaft. The #AS-8603 is a 3/4” spacer to be used where trimming is not desired or an option.

One unique characteristic of the AS-8603 is the multitude of clocking holes the spacer offers. Beside Atlas installs, this ring is used in our Dana 300 clocking kits like #50-8603 and kit #PN50-8604. We have seen customers order this AS-8603 clocking ring for clocking transfer cases other than the Atlas or Dana 300. Each transmission and transfer case application is different. We cannot speak for the success or failure for use of this clocking ring outside its’ intended applications.

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